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Centrifugal Blower

Our custom-made centrifugal blowers are designed for heavy duty use for up to 24 working hours per day. All blowers are designed to meet our customers’ requirements and constraints based on, but not limited to, air flow rate (capacity), static pressure, as well as various working conditions that might impact the performance of the blowers to achieve optimum performance and efficiency.


Inlet size63 up to 2500mm
Casing thickness1,5 up to 20mm
Casing typesLow pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high pressure
Motor frame size63 up to 450KW
Drive typeDirect, coupling, or belt
MaterialSteel, stainless steel, wear resistant steel, special alloys
Surface treatmentPrimer finish, hot dip galvanized, special crafting
Outlet positionAccording to Eurovent
Special designFlame-proof, extreme temperature, gas-tight, decontaminable, corrosion resistant, earthquake safe, shockproof, custom requirements.


Impeller type: backward inclined or curved, dust for material transport. The impeller can be customized based on customer’s requirement or constraint. Special coating can also be applied in order to address extreme air flow conditions that require certain material to handle, such as extreme temperature, corrosive air condition, etc.

Drive Arrangements

We offer 3 types of drive arrangement for our fans, i.e., direct drive, direct with coupling drive, and belt drive. Each drive arrangement offers unique characteristics that can be suited to our customers’ needs, requirements, as well as constraints.

Rotation and Discharge

The rotation of our fans are based on Eurovent document 1/1 of 1972 (The European Committee of Air Equipment Manufacturer) and ISO 13349. The designations were to be taken when viewed along the axis of the fan on the drive side (opposite the inlet for a single inlet fan).


Our Projects

REUS is focused to serve local Indonesian industries for air management needs, such as air ventilation system, industrial oven, ducting system, heat exchanger, rotary dryer, hi-pressure centrifugral blower, and many others. All of our fans can be tailored to suit your preferences.

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