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The purchase of a rotating equipment machinery is not a one-time process, but a long-term investment which can extend over decades. We are here to protect your investment through REUS preventive and predictive maintenance program. Our experienced engineers and technicians will assess and analyze any issues associated with your machine, regardless of the brand and design.

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Monitoring | Vibration Analysis | Balancing  | Alignment On-Site

We are here to help you maximize the potential of your machinery in all stages.

Early Stage

Optimum planning and setup for your machinery in early stage of your plant through our commissioning service.

Utilization Stage

Preventive and predictive contract service program ensures high machine availability, increases reliability, and predictable expenses for your company.

Value retention

Extend the life of your machinery through our contract service program.

What we can service

Rotating equipment machinery

Centrifugal Fans | Axial Fans | Electric Motors | Pumps | Compressors | Cooling tower

Contract Service

  • Recurring visits to client’s site
  • Visual inspection
  • Inspection of critical parts (i.e., impeller, welds, bearings)
  • Conditional monitoring & service report
  • Service schedule recommendation from expert technician


Maintenance Service

  • Visual inspection
  • In-depth inspection of critical parts (i.e., impeller, welds, bearings)
  • Parameter measurement (i.e., vibration, alignment, noise, power, airflow performance)
  • Bearing & accessories replacement
  • On-site impeller balancing (Dynamic and Static)
  • Laser-optical drive train alignment
  • Maintenance and repair



  • Commissioning service for fans of any brand
  • Parameter measurement (i.e., vibration, alignment, noise, power, airflow performance)
  • Fan setup (if applicable)
  • Commissioning report